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Cracked concrete

What Causes Concrete to Crack?

There are several different reasons that concrete can crack. 

Repair Your Cracked Concrete

Cracked concrete not only creates an eyesore, but it’s also a dangerous trip hazard. No matter how big or small the crack may be, it will continue to get worse over time if left untreated. If you notice any cracks in your concrete, give the experts at EverLevel a call for your free inspection.

Changing weather conditions can put a lot of stress on your concrete as it expands during hot summer months and contracts during cold winter months. This expansion and contraction of the concrete can cause it to crack over time.

The moisture content in the soil below the slab can also cause it to crack. The soils expand as they become saturated with water and contract as they dry, which creates voids in the soil and causes it to become less supportive. The voids in the soil can cause sections of the slab to settle into the ground and can crack from the pressure.

Our Concrete Repair Solutions

At EverLevel Concrete Repair of Omaha, we offer several different solutions to repair your cracked concrete. No matter what kind of condition your concrete is in, we’ve seen it all and we’re ready to help you.

Depending on your concrete’s situation, we have several different solutions to repair your cracked concrete. If the crack has caused part of the concrete to sink and create an uneven surface, we will use our polyurethane foam to lift the concrete back into place for a completely level surface. Once it’s level, we will then inject a silicone caulk into the crack for a completely waterproof seal.


We can repair cracked slabs on any of the following concrete surfaces:

  • Sidewalk

  • Driveway

  • Porch/Patio

  • Garage Floor

  • Steps

  • Interior slabs

Get Your Free Inspection from EverLevel

We are proud to be Omaha’s local concrete experts and provide our customers with durable, permanent solutions so you never have to worry about the problem again. During your appointment, our specialist will conduct a thorough inspection of your concrete and sit down with you to go over all of your options for repair.

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