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Complete Concrete Replacement

We’ll do everything we can to restore your concrete, but sometimes it’s too far gone and needs to be completely replaced. We offer complete concrete replacement to our Omaha customers so you can have safe, even surfaces that increase your home’s curb appeal.


Concrete Repair vs. Replace

Whenever possible, we’ll repair your concrete slab with one of our many repair solutions. If your concrete has too many cracks, completely crumbled, or is permanently stained, we can gladly replace it for you. During your appointment, our specialist will conduct a thorough inspection of your concrete slab and will walk you through your replacement options.


Benefits of Replacement

Once your concrete is replaced, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your brand-new slab will last a long time and won’t present you with any problems. We’ll start by tearing out your old, damaged concrete and removing all debris from the demolition process. We’ll then excavate the area and prepare the ground for install. The new concrete will need ample time to cure, then you can enjoy your new and improved concrete surface!


We can replace any of the following concrete slabs:

  • Sidewalk

  • Driveway

  • Porch/Patio (non-decorative)

  • Garage Floor

  • Interior slabs


Rely on EverLevel

Our concrete experts at EverLevel have helped many customers across Omaha transform their concrete into a safe, even surface. If you notice symptoms of concrete damage around your home, contact us today for your free inspection!

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